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"Bringing joy to ourselves and to others," that was the life motto of Countess Lene Thun (1926-2004) who, from when she was a child, conquered the hearts of those close to her thanks to the sweet clay modelled figures. She was a cheerful little girl, with a huge charisma and was always able to feel a genuine affection for others. Even as a child, Lene proved to have been blessed with remarkable artistic talents, also thanks to the family environment mostly female and rich in intellectual stimulation in which she grew up. At that time, the family hotel was a meeting point for various South Tyrolean personalities such as Luis Trenker or Josef Kienlechner. Her parents and aunts also passed on a passion for the mountains and culture, helping her to develop her own individual personality. That passion for nature and travelling is the same that she then focused in the creation of her most important ceramic figures. Not only the angels, inspired by the faces of her children, but in the drapery and traits which reminisced the Sud Tyrol valleys, the clothes and traditions of southern Italy . . . but also the allegorical elements present in all her works, which have now become corporate icons.
The pomegranate, symbol of fertility, and leit motif of the ancient vases and the limited series THUN Club; butterfly and tulips that Lene used to find on her mountain walks as a child and today the THUN enthusiasts find in the patterns used for the Everyday or Prestige products, hearts, corner features and much more.

A woman capable of leaving an influential mark on the history of South Tyrol and Italian design, who with her passion was able not only to bring joy to the homes of consumers, but someone whose artistic legacy is still tangible today in the work of the Countess Lene Thun Foundation NPO, which donates a moment of carefree enjoyment to the young patients of all paediatric hospitals.

“This is the best thing about dreams, sometimes they come true”

Lene Thun

“Enthusiasm is the fertile soil from which ideas grow”

Lene Thun

“I am so grateful for the immense joy bestowed upon me: my work, something so important to me, makes other people happy. I hope that my figures, in which I indulge all my love, can find a place in the hearts of many”.

Lene Thun