THUN S.p.A. Benefit Corporation

Care and attention to people's well-being is an integral part of THUN's philosophy: an approach that goes back a long way, directly from the founder, Countess Lene, who has always devoted attention and affection to each of her employees, never forgetting to celebrate all special occasions and giving kind gestures and words.

Our commitment goes beyond the corporate walls, leaving the corridors to reach the communities and territories in which we operate: we want to spread our joy and help create value.

In 2022, we made our way of working official by becoming a Benefit Corporation: a legal form by which our Society is committed to pursuing various purposes of common benefit and to operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, territory, environment and all stakeholders.

Our first Impact Report marks the beginning of this journey: a snapshot of what has been done and what we are committed to achieving in the current year for a lasting sustainability path.

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Our responsibility

We generate omnichannel experiences to share value with brands, people and communities.
We have included in our bylaws three specific purposes of common benefit, which we intend to pursue in the exercise of our business economic activity.


We express a leadership role by experimenting with continuous innovation on issues of inclusion and well-being of the individual, through the dissemination of an internal culture focused on growth and respect, where everyone can find the best conditions to express their maximum potential and contribute to the success and positive impact of the company.


We want to leave a visible and concrete mark in the communities in which we operate by promoting the method of recreational therapy in its various modes of application as a means of donating well-being to the most fragile and supporting them in their path of growth and improved therapeutic response.


We adopt ever-evolving environmental standards for responsible resource use and continuous improvement of business impacts. In particular, the company promotes a gradual evolution of its business and operating model toward a climate-neutral economy, in line with European climate neutrality goals and national green transition goals.