Since THUN was founded, the business was run through a family approach as its workers’ wellness and health represented the priority, rather than numbers and budgets. This inclusive aspect direclty reflects the personal approach the Countess Lene was used to have. She always demonstrated attentions and affection to each of her collaborators. She never forgot to celebrate birthdays or other significative anniversaries with their co-workers.

The commitment of our «family» overcomes every fisical enterprise barrier, our happiness spreads out across the corridors reaching all and becoming contagious. Find out in the pdf attached below our Corporate Social Responsibility and discover all the environmental activities we are engaged in, to promote a more sustainable future. 

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CSR data

The themes of company wellfare and social responsibility have seen us as the main actors operating at national level. The environmental impacts challenged our «green soul» and leading us to the realization of environmental projects to promote sustainability

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