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To celebrate this anniversary Margit was born, angel with a name that refers to the precious gift she wants to offer you: an open shell with an iridescent pearl inside.

Its name comes from Margherita which originally in Latin meant pearl. Symbol of light, purity, love and prosperity, the splendour of the pearl has always stirred a sense of wonder, but especially the incredible perfect result of a humble and long rare process.

A metaphor that perfectly matches that of the great family of the THUN CLUB which, year after year, continues to take forward the original message of unison founded by Countess Lene Thun.
An icon that already became famous last year during the "Silver Ribbon" event, the famous film award celebrated in Taormina, when THUN, sponsor of the event, gave awards to three famous stars of Italian cinema. Count Peter Thun personally presented Andrea Osvart, Andrea Bosca and the great Carlo Verdone with three Margit angel prototypes created specifically as special awards for young talents and the most socially committed film.

A debut on the red carpet that generated extensive curiosity and requests from our members, leading to the decision to make this angel the symbol to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the THUN Club. This creation, produced in just 4,999 copies, is available from June in all THUN Club retail stores. If you want to enhance your collection with this precious angel we recommend you move swiftly to reserve it, there are only a few pieces left!