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THUN has always been managed like a large family, in which it is not just the figures and accounting books that count, but where attention is also paid to the welfare and health of all. Like the creative style, this aspect also descends directly from the founder, Countess Lene, who has always paid attention and affection to each employee, never forgetting to give them her best wishes or small gifts on special occasions.

Paolo Denti, THUN CEO
The commitment of our "family" goes way beyond the corporate walls, pervading the hallways to make sure that our joy is contagious for everyone. Read the attached PDF file to find out more about our Corporate Social Responsibility, all those activities that we put in place for global well-being, the environment, and a more sustainable future.
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From corporate life quality to social commitment where we support various projects throughout Italy, from the environmental impact of our productions to the projects aimed at achieving all-round sustainability and developing an increasingly homogeneous “green” soul!