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THUN creations are born on paper, with an ancient trait that draws smiles, figures and emotions. With the same meticulous attention that Countess Lene used in her workshop, even today the THUN design office starts from a drawing and then transfers it, working exclusively by hand, to the clay blocks. Modelling of pottery is one of the most ancient arts, passed down over thousands of years of history. And combining the various ancient and modern techniques, today it is possible to obtain figures by carving, etching or shaping continuously new models. The Prestige line, for instance, uses an etching technique that involves a very long process to achieve the THUN pattern in high relief.
Remaining true to its history and to its DNA, THUN creations are all hand made. The moulds used are destroyed after a limited number of uses, which intends to preserve the originality of the product. The final step is the decorative phase, something that makes the sweet THUN figures so unique: the smiles, cheeks, angels wings, the draperies . . . are all strictly hand-painted.