La storia di Thun

The Story

The story of THUN starts in 1950 with the first realization of the Angel of Bozen. Lene Thun was inspired by looking at her sleeping sons for the creation of the exquisite traits of the ceramic figure. Nowadays, the Angel is universally recognized as the symbol of South Tyrol and of the city of Bozen. Nonetheless, the Angel embellishes many Italian houses. It followed the realization of unique collections by the Atelier THUN, whose lovely creations managed to touch the heart of many people. The collections includes gift ideas, home forniture, woman and baby accessories. Now as then, our main objective is to communicate joy to our customers.

Our vision

In our fairy world, our creations, images and behaviours, aim to awaken those childhood emotions, dreams, atmosphere of magic and human warmth we live daily ,and that bring us and others joy .

La nostra vision - Thun

La nostra mission - Thun

Our Mission

Still, the dream of the South Tyrol family inspires us from generation to generation. We produce decorative and functional products that are symbol of love and affection. Each of them is realized with authentic artisanal passion, always in respect of the typical THUN style. Our purpose is to widespread our creations in Italy as in the rest of the World through a controlled retailing approach. We try to infuse in each of our member the effort for success always putting extreme attention towards the less lucky individuals.