Countess Lene Thun ONLUS Foundation

Fondazione Contessa Lene Onlus

The Foundation Countess Lene Thun is the first widespread presence on the National territory to offer a permanent service of creative therapy. The project involves clay modelling laboratories, which operates in pediatric oncohematology hospital wards.

Today the Foundation, founded in 2006, counts 39 laboratories in 21 hospitals, with more than 500 volunteers. It represents a significative psychological  support for both the children and their families during the period of recovery. Only in 2018, 12000 children have benefited from the joyful experience of clay modelling.

The clay modelling therapy is a well recognized method. Also, thanks to the establishment of a Scientific Committee, it is seen as a real support to complement the usual medicalpharmacological therapy. The clay modelling therapy encourages the creative and playful side of our kids. In this way, we wish to recreate the dimension of a normal life to our little patients.

In addition to the Permanent Laboratories, the Foundation operates through some Special intensive Laboratories, which are settled for a limited period of time and take place inside special structures or for specific purposes, for instance on earthquake areas.

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